Friday, February 29, 2008


We are loving Cheyenne so far. The people around here are very nice and the lifestyle is much more laid back. It is cold right now but everyone says that it is worth it to be around during the beautiful summers. Rush hour does not exist and there is a nice historic feel to town.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Brooklyn is full of energy and fun! She has started
preschool now and loves to go. She loves helping mom make any kind of sweets and still loves playing with Teddy, when Riley is busy. Brooklyn makes us all laugh and has even been showing a sarcastic side, so she is fitting right in with the rest of us.


Riley is the coolest! Here she is hanging out with
Dad in his office. She is crawling and pulling herself up all over the the place. We really have to keep an eye on her now because she can haul booty. She climbed up six stairs the other day!


Here are a few pictures of Drew's new hotel. I took these pictures because the ones on the hotel website were seriously 6 years old! It is now updated and looks tons better. Drew is getting comfortable in his new role as General Manager and has a lot of ideas and plans he wants to get implemented.


Whit tipped us off about 'Free Pancake Day' at IHOP. Riley had her own plate of three pancakes and did pretty well with them, although the floor was a mess afterward! She loves being a big girl and trying to keep up with her big sister.

Ice Ice Baby

Last week we took Brooklyn ice skating for the first time. She was fearless! She fell twice but hopped right back up. Mommy and Daddy were much more tired than she was afterwards.