Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had such a great Halloween. We went to our friend's neighborhood. Brooklyn was the cutest little pirate ever! Riley was tired but she didn't whine one bit. I took her in and out of the stroller many times, that's right folks, I make my 15 month old beg for my candy. Ha! They both zonked when they came home. Drew and I snuggled and watched a scary movie afterwards.


Melanie said...

They are so stinking cute. I love love my little girls. They are mine I tell you all mine. Wahaa ha ha. (evil laugh insert here)

Neff III family said...

Ohh I miss my girls! They are getting too big, I can't wait to see them...and you too S & D

Laurie said...

they're so cute, sounds like halloween was fun!

Burnett Business said...

Hello sister
I miss my little neices
I know you have your own little stash in your part of the closet that the little ones don't know about. Don't try and fool me. Maybe even the Drewster doesn't know about.

love ya