Thursday, April 24, 2008

Warning: Partial Nudity!

Riley just loves bathtime! She stays in there and wrestles with Brooklyn and then plays until she gets cold. When that happens, she stands up and puts her arms out like she is ready to go. She loves getting her body and hair washed and is so cute when she gets out and has a fuzzy head.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Kids

So , Riley loves to eat. (Wonder where she got that from!?!) She hums while she chews and is the noisiest eater you will ever see. Her favorite foods include: peas, carrots, rice crispies, rice chex, and crackers.

She isn't walking quite yet, but is still on the go-go-go. There is a little play area at the mall here and she loves to climb all over everything. She tries to climb up the steps and fly down the slide. Sometimes we think that we have two 4-year olds!

After six years, Steph finally convinced me to give the "Swivel Sweeper" a try. Brooklyn has fallen in love with it and wants to help out every chance she can. I'll have to admit, it is a pretty useful tool and does a good job picking up everything that Brooklyn and Riley put down.