Friday, November 6, 2009

Here's my update!

Well, this is for you Holly!

It's been three months since my last post and so much has happened. Here's our top ten list of changes:

1. We moved into a house

2. Brooklyn started Kindergarten

3. Drew loves his new job

4. Stephanie got called into YW and is very excited about it

5. Riley learned to climb out of her crib

6. Brooklyn lost her first tooth

7. Carter got his mission call to Fort Worth Texas

8. Brooklyn learned how to read

9. We had seven fantastic Halloween parties

10. Riley's vocabulary is expanding exponentionally!
Life has been crazy and exciting and very busy! We love living in Provo now so we can be close to family and of course the Jazz and BYU games. All of Stephanie's sisters are pregnant now so we are just waiting patiently for the new arrivals to come into the world.


lisa said...

2 things I didn't know. You were called into the Young Womens and where Carter got his mission call to. That is great! Love ya!

Wright Bunch said...

Your girls are so cute and sooo big!! when did that happen? We still need to get together again, soon... let me know when you are available. We love you guys :)

tylerandjulie said...

SOOO much has happened to you guys in the last few months! WOW! We are so glad moving back to Utah was one of them. Love you guys!